Will we finally see NFC payments in Australia?

14 12 2012

For some time now, a number of banks in Australia have hinted at the possibility of implementing NFC payments (probably to fill the void that Google has left with the endless delays of Google Wallet NFC reaching the country).  Commonwealth Bank launched their Kaching case for iPhone (which doesn’t appear to be a very stylish or practical option) and their Kaching app for Android which lacks any NFC functionality altogether, even though many Android devices natively support NFC. This is all ever so slightly off topic for this post, as the main item I wanted to discuss was Westpac’s venture into the NFC world.

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Changed my Android ROM

17 08 2011

A little while back I decided to change my HTC Desire over from the standard Telstra Android ROM, and move to the Cyanogen Mod 7 ROM and I haven’t looked back since. The phone is running like a brand new device with some fantastic speed improvements. A notable difference is the lack of the HTC Sense feature, but having the speed gains far outweigh this loss. Read the rest of this entry »

Skype finally on Android

5 10 2010

Well, today Skype finally released their application for Android (version 2.1 and up) and about time. It’s been months since it was announced and we’ve all been waiting to use it.

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