Windows Live Mail Recovery Feature… Privacy Issue?

19 08 2011

I was just doing a big cleanup of one of my email accounts as it was starting to get a little out of control.

In doing this process, I noticed that Windows Live Mail has a “recover deleted messages” feature with the short description being “Lost a message? When you recover deleted messages, we bring back as many as we can.”  I’m assuming this has been around for a while, however it’s the first time I noticed it.

This got me thinking about potential privacy issues, and on visiting a link for further information, I discovered that privacy conscious people can actually disable this feature.  Whether it is a true “disable” or just simply hides it from the end user is a question only Microsoft knows the answer to.

The link with further information is:

If you are concerned about such things, I suggest you have a read of the link, and decide for yourself.






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