Changed my Android ROM

17 08 2011

A little while back I decided to change my HTC Desire over from the standard Telstra Android ROM, and move to the Cyanogen Mod 7 ROM and I haven’t looked back since. The phone is running like a brand new device with some fantastic speed improvements. A notable difference is the lack of the HTC Sense feature, but having the speed gains far outweigh this loss.

To “root” the phone (the Android equivalent of ‘jailbreaking’ an iPhone), I used the rather painless “Unrevoked” method.

Once the bootloader is replaced, the added bonus is that it is extremely simple to backup and restore ROM’s as one would see fit. I still have the old Telstra ROM stored on the SD Card and can revert back to it at any time if required.

A notable recent related development is that the developer behind Cyanogen Mod is a very talented chap by the name of Steve Kondik, and it was confirmed yesterday that he has accepted a software engineers position within Samsung’s mobile division. He has said he will still keep up with Cyanogen Mod in his spare time. It’s great to see the big companies taking notice of the skills in the Android community and I look forward to seeing his inputs into future Samsung mobile devices.

If you want any further information on any of this, leave a comment and I will endeavour to get back to you.




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