Skype finally on Android

5 10 2010

Well, today Skype finally released their application for Android (version 2.1 and up) and about time. It’s been months since it was announced and we’ve all been waiting to use it.

Well, after installing it this evening, I put it through it’s paces. The call quality itself was crystal clear. The calls I made were over Telstra’s NextG / 3G network. I really can’t fault it from this perspective at all.

This first version as expected has a few bugs. Perhaps the most noticeable is the lack of an “exit” button. Sure you can press the home button, but then the application is still running in the background, and the only way to close it is to kill the process. Not terribly elegant. Secondly, while calls worked perfectly through my corded handsfree, they wouldn’t go through the bluetooth headset at all and instead defaulted to the phone handset itself. Also, the app itself is rather large in size, and not enabled to be installed to the SD memory which seems rather silly. Hopefully these will be fixed over the next update. I’m sure as I continue using it, i’ll pick up other little bugs, but for now that’s what I’ve seen with my limited use.

I’m just glad they *finally* released it.

Here’s the link to Skype’s Official Blog:




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